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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Plain Ketchup

Enjoy the previous episodes of We're NOT John Stamos. If you would like more episodes from the same gang, check out the new digs over at

Saturday, July 17, 2010

We're NOT John Stamos

Welcome to the We're NOT John Stamos Podcast, an animated comedy podcast bent on teaching Jaime the things she's missed back in Wisconsin since she's been in New York. Lindsey and Jaime host with regular experts Nicole and Luke, with occasional guests.

Animations done by Jaime via Photoshop and Sony Vegas.

If you have suggestions on a topic for a future episode or would like to guest-star via phone call (come on, you know you want to be animated), then email Jaime at

New to our videos? Here's a teaser to get you acquainted:

Friday, July 16, 2010

Episode Three

Episode 3

Starring: Lindsey, Jaime, Luke, and Nicole

Part One

chapter 1: Alien fruit
chapter 2: Improv Lady Ga-Ga jokes
chapter 3: Oregon Trail

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Episode Two

Episode 2: Numb is Better Than Huge
Starring: Daphne, Shaggy, Fred, and Velma

Episode 2 comes to you in 5 parts. This is a special episode because not only does it take place in New York, but it stars Lindsey, Jaime, Luke, and Nicole in their Halloween costumes.

Part One (6:02)

chapter 1: Halloween in New York City
chapter 2: How to install a bump-it

Part 2 (8:10)

chapter 3: How Lindsey's hair caught on fire
chapter 4: Perils of online dating

Part 3 (9:58)

chapter 5: Luke rocking the dance pole
chapter 6: A song about drunk pants
chapter 7: Drinking discretely part 2: coke cans
chapter 8: Sports club nightmare

Part 4 (8:09)

chapter 9: Clambakes goes to shambles
chapter 10: Post office final level
chapter 11: Bad airport conduct

Part 5 (5:27)

chapter 12: Flying in a whale
chapter 13: Elmo's going to kill us
chapter 14: Lost (in NYC)
chapter 15: Scooby Don't

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Episode One

Episode One: The Insecure Cheese Often Sleeps
Hosts: Lindsey Hinkel and Jaime Nelson
Guest Stars: Luke Noble (Celebrity Gossip Expert) and Nicole Margenau (On-site Chef)

Part One (8:38)

chapter 1: How to Surf
chapter 2: I Love the 90's (Happy Texas, 2Gether, etc.)
chapter 3: Planet X

Part Two (7:11)

chapter 4: How to Make Vodka
chapter 5: Drinking discretely part 1: Flask Sandals
and a dirty joke involving a clock (pg13)

Part Three (8:03)

chapter 6: Twilight
chapter 7: Family affair
chapter 8: How to play Pissword

Part Four (5:31)

chapter 9: Celebrity Gossip
chapter 10: celebrity road trip
chapter 11: Semi Charmed Life