Thursday, August 27, 2009

Episode One

Episode One: The Insecure Cheese Often Sleeps
Hosts: Lindsey Hinkel and Jaime Nelson
Guest Stars: Luke Noble (Celebrity Gossip Expert) and Nicole Margenau (On-site Chef)

Part One (8:38)

chapter 1: How to Surf
chapter 2: I Love the 90's (Happy Texas, 2Gether, etc.)
chapter 3: Planet X

Part Two (7:11)

chapter 4: How to Make Vodka
chapter 5: Drinking discretely part 1: Flask Sandals
and a dirty joke involving a clock (pg13)

Part Three (8:03)

chapter 6: Twilight
chapter 7: Family affair
chapter 8: How to play Pissword

Part Four (5:31)

chapter 9: Celebrity Gossip
chapter 10: celebrity road trip
chapter 11: Semi Charmed Life


  1. So I love how I'm now following this too!

  2. Definitely for one's pant peeing pleasure. I love it!