Sunday, December 6, 2009

Episode Two

Episode 2: Numb is Better Than Huge
Starring: Daphne, Shaggy, Fred, and Velma

Episode 2 comes to you in 5 parts. This is a special episode because not only does it take place in New York, but it stars Lindsey, Jaime, Luke, and Nicole in their Halloween costumes.

Part One (6:02)

chapter 1: Halloween in New York City
chapter 2: How to install a bump-it

Part 2 (8:10)

chapter 3: How Lindsey's hair caught on fire
chapter 4: Perils of online dating

Part 3 (9:58)

chapter 5: Luke rocking the dance pole
chapter 6: A song about drunk pants
chapter 7: Drinking discretely part 2: coke cans
chapter 8: Sports club nightmare

Part 4 (8:09)

chapter 9: Clambakes goes to shambles
chapter 10: Post office final level
chapter 11: Bad airport conduct

Part 5 (5:27)

chapter 12: Flying in a whale
chapter 13: Elmo's going to kill us
chapter 14: Lost (in NYC)
chapter 15: Scooby Don't

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